Superior Mix Water Control for Block, Pipe and Tile

If you manufacture concrete block, pipe or tile you know that moisture control is the most essential element of the production process. You even use an automatic water and moisture control instrument to improve the consistency and quality of your mixes. Yet, despite your best efforts, you may still be experiencing moisture control problems, resulting in inconsistent mixes and wasted batches.
Moisture Probe
The Problem May be Your Probe...
If you're experiencing moisture control problems it may be helpful to know that your moisture control instrument is only as good as the probe in your mixer!

Put Our Probe to Work on Your Moisture Meter and
Improve Your Results, Guaranteed!

At S & S Products, we know it's your goal to produce consistent, uniform mixes, while reducing culls and associated house-keeping problems. Our probe can help you accomplish that goal by improving the performance of your moisture meter considerably! Our probe provides the consistent and repetitive readings you need to detect potential moisture problems before it's too late to fix them! Plus, it can be adapted to most mixers requiring "no slump" concrete. The result? Consistent mixes, less waste, increased production and a better bottom line!

Try It FREE for 30 Days! But don't take our word for it! We're so sure that our probe can improve your moisture control problems, save you money and help you turn out a superior product that we're willing to let you try our probe in your mixer for a full 30 days without cost or obligation. That's right! Use our probe in your mixer for 30 days. If you decide it doesn't merit a place in your plant, simply return it and owe nothing! Take advantage of this FREE offer now and join a growing number of block plants who make our probe their choice for routine replacement. Call 610-449-9123 today!

Our probe is available in four sizes and is designed to work on all makes and models of moisture meters. No other insulation is required and you'll only need ordinary tools to complete the installation. For additional product details, check out our products page or contact us with questions. Don't wait. Remember, just one saved batch of wet or dry concrete will more than pay for the cost of our probe! Contact us today!

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