Frequently Asked Questions

What is a moisture probe?
The moisture probe is a specialty product that is used exclusively in the manufacture of concrete building blocks, concrete pipes and concrete paving stones.

The moisture probe, or electrode, which is located within the mixer, is part of the moisture meter's circuit in the wet concrete mix. The probe is the open-end of this circuit where the meter takes continuous readings of the conductivity of the mix to ensure consistent batches.

Where should the moisture probe be located?
The moisture probe must be in contact with the fresh mix at all times to secure correct readings and where the scouring action of the mix will keep it clean. It should not be located in the path of a direct stream of water or calcium chloride solution.

A snap-on connector from S&S Products, which is used between the probe and moisture meter, is recommended to prevent broken or loose wiring.

The moisture meter should be mounted on a wall or location not subjected to vibrations.

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How many probes should be used?
Depending upon the meter manufacturer's recommendation, one or two probes per mixer should be used.

What is the life span of a moisture probe?
To ensure the longest possible service life, S&S probes are constructed of Ni-Hard metal and special ceramic insulators. The useful life span is variable dependent upon certain factors, such as the number of mixing cycles, the type of aggregate used and the amount of vibrations to which it is subjected.

Which size probe should I use?
S&S moisture probes are available in four different sizes and can be adapted to most mixers requiring "no slump" concrete. Any of these probe models may be used for hopper and sand bin height control instruments.

The popular models suitable for either flush or top mounting are the three models with the .50" diameter contact area. These sizes are 3.00", 2.75" and 2.25". To permit flush mounting, check with your supplier of mixer liner plates for special probe liner plates.

The 2.25" model with the 1.50" diameter contact area is recommended for flush mounting only within a mixer. It is constructed expressly for those meters that obtain best results with this larger contact area.

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