Moisture Probe A Moisture Meter's Best Friend is a Reliable Moisture Probe

S & S Products Replacement Probe Can:
  • Improve the performance of your moisture meter
  • Decrease culls and wasted product
  • Save your plant money and increase productivity

    Our Moisture Probe Details and Specifications
    Our probe is used exclusively in the manufacture of concrete building blocks, concrete pipes and paving stones. The moisture probe or electrode, is part of the electronic moisture meter's circuit in the wet concrete mix. The probe is the open end of this circuit where the meter takes continuous readings of the conductivity of the mix.

    High-speed block machines require a low slump or "dry" mix concrete. In this mix, water is a critical ingredient. This moisture-sensing instrument ensures consistent batches.

    Probes are available in 4 sizes and can be adapted to most mixers requiring "no slump" concrete. Any of these probe models may be used for hopper and sand bin height control measurements.

    To ensure the longest possible service life, our probes are made of Ni-Hard metal and special ceramic insulators. Depending upon the meter manufacturer's recommendation, one or two probes per mixer should be used.

    Our probe models are suitable for either flush or top mounting.

    Check out our sections on installation and troubleshooting for additional information. We also provide a detailed FAQ and list of common definitions.

    Try Our Probe Before You Buy
    S & S Products is so sure about the effectiveness of our probes that we'll send you one or two of our probes to use on a trial basis! Use our probes in your mixer for 30 days. If you aren't completely satisfied, simply return them and owe nothing. Call us today for details!

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